Hey Oyster Fans – we’ve taken a hiatus from racing this year, but don’t toss out your running shoes yet! The producers of Oyster The Race have a few more tricks up our sleeves with more ways to Play Fearlessly. If you’re in Colorado make sure to check out the Mighty Beer Run or we can bring the Oyster to your company with our Corporate Urban Adventures. We’ll see you out there!

Have what it takes to compete on shows like The Amazing Race? Well here’s your chance. Put brain and brawn to the test while navigating through the city on a mystery course by foot and bike. Oyster The Race delivers 10–30 mile courses of ridiculous fun to suit all appetites, especially the adventurous. So whether you’re tackling outrageous challenges or solving mind-wrenching puzzles, this race dares teams of 2 or 4 to Play Fearlessly and wash it all down with a beer at the finish line.
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